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All natural power in our delicious, performance-driven energy bar.
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The Power of Vitamin B12

“Over the course of a decade, Vikki helped change my eating
habits and created a diet for me that made me appreciate and pay
attention to healthier food. The VK Energy bar is the result of her
talent and experience—it tastes great and yet is somehow good
for you too.”

Seth MacFarlane

“The VK Energy bar is made up of gorgeous flavor combinations
that are close to my heart. Mediterranean flavors that are healthy,
support my dietary concerns and most surprisingly

Scott Conant

“I’m obsessed with having 1000% daily value of vitamin B12 in
one small, convenient energy bar. My favorite flavor is the
Cocoa & Sea Salt because I love the savory chocolate-y
combo. And it’s paired perfectly with coffee. It’s great to have on
hand when I’m in a rush or between meals to keep me energized.
I’m so hooked!”

Amanda Seyfried

“I have known VK for about six years. She is simply an artist when it comes to the preparation of food. It’s also her passion. Vikki’s new and all natural energy bar is a God-send for someone like me, who often eats on the o. It’s full of nutritious goodness and flavour and it does what it promises: it supplies much needed energy and vitality in a deceptively small package. I cannot recommend VK Energy Bar highly enough. When I’m on location, I pack these bars by the box.”

Liam Neeson
The Story Behind VK Energy Bars

Energy Bars Created For Seriously Long Days

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Made with 100% organic, gluten-free and plant-based ingredients. Each naturally-preserved VK Energy Bar is just the right amount of sweetness for your perfect morning, mid-day or evening snack.

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