The VK Energy Bar, My Inspiration

My client, Seth MacFarlane, was working 16 hours a day and drinking way too much coffee. It was my job to oversee his nutrition, health and wellness. I knew I had to find an alternative to caffeine while keeping him energized and focused.

After a few unsuccessful attempts with green tea and other alternatives, I found a delicious solution using Vitamin B12 in the smoothies, energy bites and granola bars I made each day. With months of research and numerous recipe attempts, I finally discovered the perfect combination of Vitamins and unique flavors—and voila, the VK Energy Bar was born

My Hollywood clients loved the taste and energizing effects so much, I knew I had to find a way to make the VK Energy Bar available to everyone interested in a healthier lifestyle.

I’m so excited for you to try the VK Energy Bar and discover this delicious and convenient treat that actually BOOSTS your energy, and keeps you satisfied WITHOUT any energy crashes or negative side effects!
I sure hope this story energizes you to jump blindly into whatever it is that excites you.
Fuel up the VK way and make it happen!

Vikki KrinskySincerely,
Vikki Krinsky