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Gluten free, plant-based, and packed with B12—it's the only energy bar you need.


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Over the course of a decade, Vikki helped change my eating habits and created a diet for me that made me appreciate and pay attention to healthier food. The VK Energy Bar is the result of her talent and experience — it tastes treat and yet is somehow good for you too.
— Seth MacFarlane
Amanda Seyfried
I feel ready for every flight, long drive and on-the-go afternoon with Vikki’s bars because they’re filling, delicious and HEALTHY. Plus-the B12 is hard to come by in such a convenient little snack. It’s nice to feel taken care-of when life gets extra chaotic— here’s a little support!
— Amanda Seyfried
Liam Neeson
Vikki is simply an artist when it comes to the preparation of food. It’s also her passion. The VK Energy Bar is a God-send for someone like me, who often eats on the go. It’s full of nutritious goodness and flavour and it does what it promises: is supplies much needed energy and vitality in a deceptively small package. When I’m on location, I pack these bars by the box.
— Liam Neeson


Skip the caffeine crash and instead rev your engine with Vitamin B12! Naturally preserved with ROSEMARY (that means zero shelf stabilizers!) for an epic taste and peace of mind that what you're eating is genuinely good for you.

We could all use a little more energy, and a lot less chemicals in our food. Check out our nutrition facts below!



Chef Vikki Krinsky, Founder

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